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David Lafuente Gómez

David Lafuente Gómez

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Hi, My name is David Lafuente Gómez. Thanks to spend your time on knowing something more about me. Born in 1977, I’m from Mataró, a city near Barcelona in Spain.

I started shooting since I was a child when my parents bought me a Kodak Instamatic 25. After that camera I use my father old camera a Taron Auto-EL. And finally the last inheritance was the Nikkormat EL. On the digital era I started with a Nikon Coolpix 4300. On a summer holidays I borrowed the Nikon D40 to my brother and finally I bought my Nikon D90 and it was with me for nearly 10 years. Now I’m using a Nikon D750 to shoot.

I’m a crazy apasionate about Harley-Davidson motorcycles in particular and kustom motorcycles in general. In 2010 I started a new adventure joining the kustom kulture with the photography.

I enjoy so much when I have a kustom motorcycle in front of me and I have my camera in my hands. In that moment the pleasure is completly in all parts of my brain and I take shots like a machine gun. I enjoy with every detail of a motorcycle, I pay meticulous attention on each. Just in those moments I’m floating with a lot of peace inside me like if I’ll have the perfection arround.

I did some photo reports for specialized magazines in Spain like ChopperON, Custom Machines, Xtreme Bikes, Biker Zone… I exposed my pictures sometimes. And obviously in Internet you can find a lot of my work with more than a million of views.

But kustom is not the only genre that I shoot, If you are interested in look other kind of genres that I practice … You can take look at the Night photography & Lightpainting or Lifestyle & Landscape disciplines.